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Basic Human and Medical Science:
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology1
Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System1
Basic Pathology and Anamnesis1
Physiology of the Musculoskeletal System1
Topographic and Clinical Anatomy1
Orthopedics and Differential Diagnosis1
Physiology of the Nervous and Endocrine systems2
Neurology and Endocrinology2
Integumentary system and dermatology2
Physiology of the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, lymphatic and immunity systems2
Pathology of the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, lymphatic and immunity systems2
Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system2
Pathology of the digestive systems2
Nutrition and metabolism3
Urinary systems and body fluids3
Reproductive systems and embryology3
Pharmacology and Pathology Portfolio3
Methodology, Science and Research:
Methodology and Statistics3
Evidence Informed Practice4
Final Thesis4
Clinical Practice:
Clinical Practice 11
Clinical Practice 22
Clinical Practice 23
Clinical Practice 44
Osteopathic Subjects:
Osteopathic Examination 11
General Osteopathic Treatment 11
Myofascial Techniques1
Joint Mobility Techniques 11
Osteopathic Examination 22
General Osteopathic Treatment 22
Joint Mobility Techniques 22
Circulation and Lymphatic Techniques2
Balance Ligamentous Tension2
Visceral Osteopathy 12
Fascial Approach2
Pain, Pain Management and Rehabilitation2
Joint Mobility Techniques 33
Visceral Osteopathy 23
Temporomandibular Joints Techniques3
Involuntary Motion Studies (Cranial Osteopathy) 13
Stress, Communication Skills, Psychiatry and Psychosocial Models3
Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine3
Sports Osteopathy3
Joint Mobility Techniques 44
Fascial Approach 24
Involuntary Motion Studies (Cranial Osteopathy) 24
Osteopathic Medicine 24
Specific Adjustment Technique4

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